Gender Male
Age Twenty
Occupation Stable Hand

Crooks is an African American stable-buck, he gets his name from his crooked back. Since he is black, he gets excluded from the other men at the ranch. He begins to like Lennie and despite the fact that he says that they will never get their dream, Crooks asks Lennie, George and Candy if he can go with them (he later says to Candy to forget about it). Crooks is the practical stereotype of black people in the Depression-era. He is proud, bitter, and bitingly sarcastic. Crooks is also extremely cynical and cold-natured, since this is the way he has been treated all his life. He was opportunistic and, when he realises Lennie's mental disabilities (acting child-like etc.), he jumps at the chance to belittle the latter without taking into account the latter's terrifying strength. He is also very ambitious and intelligent, as he is capable of reading (A rare skill for black people in the Depression era). He believes in equality a small amount, since one of the books in his room is about Civil Rights.