Gender Male
Age Twenties
  • Ranch Hand
  • Self proclaimed cagefighter

Curley is the boss’ son and the main antagonist. He wears high heeled boots so that he is easily recognized. He is said to be a champion prizefighter and he likes to fight. He seeks out fights and is mean to people just to get a fight even though he is a small man. He usually picks fights with men who are larger than him and if he loses he blames it on his opponents' size. He gets very jealous due to the fact that he is recently married and his wife is very flirtatious.

His hand is broken by Lennie Small when he fights with him, rendering that hand useless.


Curley was talented, and picked fights with the wrong people entirely: Lennie, because he was far too strong, and Slim, because he was too well-respected. He was also vengeful to the point of megalomania, and became obsessed with killing Lennie slowly, sadistically and painfully. Ironically, he didn't stay and mourn his wife because he didn't truly love her, and could only think of his revenge on Lennie. He was rather known for mood swings: cold and calculating one moment, violent and angry the next.